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Department of Biology

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Current Graduate Students

Andrew Dotson - Molecular Detection of Bacterial Pathogens in Ticks collected from Oak Mountain State Park 

Bryan Ayres - Detection and Presence of Borrelia burgdorferi in East-Central Alabama via Amblyomma americanum and Ixodes scapularis

David Seals - Monitoring American Black Bear Activity in the Talladega National Forest Region in Northeast Alabama

Tom Warren - Plant Community Classification of Oak Mountain State Park

Daniel Wright - The population status of Bachman's sparrow and associated ground flora in the Coleman Lake Region of the Talladega National Forest

Previous Graduate Research

Ryan Shurette - Effects of hardwood midstory removal on breeding bird communities in montane longleaf pine stands on the Talladega National Forest, Alabama.

Kevin Jenne - A dendrochronological study of relic longleaf pine ( Pinus palustris) stands in the Talladega National Forest, Alabama.

Terry Boyer - Community classification of green pitcher plant bogs in northeastern Alabama.

Brent Womack - Ecotype delineation in the Horseblock Mountain Landtype Association, Shoal Creek Ranger District, Talladega National Forest, Alabama.

Dax McDonald - The effects of prescribed burning on large woody debris and small mammal communities in the Talladega National Forest.

Bobby Floyd - Plant Community Analysis of in the Pine Mountain Region of Georgia.

Taylor Robertson - Insect survey of a mountain longleaf pine stand, Talladega National Forest.

Jonathan Adams - Small mammal and tick populations of the Coleman Lake Area, Talladega National Forest.

Chris Edmondson - Reptile and tick populations of the Coleman Lake Area, Talladega National Forest.

Damien Willis - Tick populations and Lyme infection rates in Calhoun County, Alabama.

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