Advisement & Registration

Advisement for Spring 2019 will begin on Oct. 1st. To schedule an appointment please call the Advising office at 256-782-5778 or 256-782-8533.

For Distance Education students who take 100% of their classes online, contact your major advisor through email for advisement information.

Prior to registration, classes are viewable through the Course Offerings link on MyJSU. You may also go to, select Academics, and view class schedule.

Below are some tips of information to review prior to meeting with your academic advisor:

  • View/Print the SBI Program Checksheet
  • Update any completed courses
  • Prepare a trial schedule based on your remaining requirements, noting any prerequisites. Trial schedule forms are available using this link:
  • Bring your completed trial schedule in for approval.  Be sure that you have filled the trial schedule completely! You may also print the schedule page on Schedule Planner.

Transfer Students - Because many of you will be enrolled in classes at other schools, it is necessary to bring a copy of the current class schedule in which you are enrolled. ALSO, review on MyJSU an academic transcript. If any transfer work is missing, you will need to bring a copy of the transcript from that institution, along with your current class schedule in order to be advised properly.

Online Students - Due to the demand of online courses, those typically fill quickly. Please plan accordingly and contact your major advisor in enough time to avoid the classes you need online being filled.

If you have any questions that are not covered throughout this website, please contact Ms. Pazmino at You must include your name and student number in the email and please be as specific as possible. 

Remember your student class status is based on earned hours, which does not include those in progress. See your online transcript to determine earned hours.

DO NOT delay advisement.