EPP Registration for Distance Education

The ETS Proficiency Profile assesses four core skill areas —critical thinking, reading, writing and mathematics —in a single test. It measures proficiency in critical thinking, reading, writing and mathematics in the context of humanities, social sciences and natural sciences, and academic skills developed, as opposed to subject knowledge taught, in general education courses. Students have 90 minutes to complete the test consisting of 36 multiple-choice questions.

For the convenience of our students, JSU continues to offer the online, non-proctored version of ETS Proficiency Profile (EPP), a graduation requirement, to the graduating seniors.  You must be graduating in the semester you are taking the EPP.  Check with your Certification Advisor for email instructions.

If you are unable to take the EPP online, please contact JSU Testing Services at npenny@jsu.edu or (256) 782 5475 for an appointment in the JSU Testing Center.