Digital Journalism


The digital journalism sequence focuses on preparing students for careers in various media, including newspapers and magazines, as well as preparing students technologically for media convergence of this content to online sources. Courses in internet production, news writing and print design techniques, as well as working for the student newspaper (The Chanticleer), are benefits that attract students to this sequence. 

Degree Requirements (120 units)

In order to graduate, Digital Journalism students entering the program in the 2017-2018 academic year must:

  • Complete 45 hours in the Department of Communication
  • Successfully complete all university degree requirements
  • Pass general education courses EH 141, MS 110 or 204, CS 201, and CS 315
  • Complete a 6-hour sequence of English literature
  • Complete a foreign language sequence: FL 101 and 102
  • Complete an 8-hour natural science sequence
  • Complete a 6-hour sequence of history
  • Fullfill all requirements in an outside minor field
  • Maintain a minimum 2.0 grade point average
  • Earn a grade of C in all COM major and minor courses.
  • Complete a 250-hour internship with a professional organization.
  • Pass exit exam administered during capstone (COM 470) course.
  • Complete Three Media Workshops, COM 404, COM 405, & COM 406.

Digital Journalism majors must successfully pass these courses:

Broadcast degree requirements

Public Relations degree requirements

For more information, contact Dr. Kingsley O. Harbor.