Brian E. Patton, M.S., ICPS

Brian Patton is an instructor in the Department of Criminal Justice. He received his B.S. in Criminal Justice from Jacksonville State University in 2006. He received his M.S. in Criminal Justice from Jacksonville State University in 2009.

Patton is a veteran of the U.S. Army Alabama National Guard. Patton also served as a corrections officer for five years at the county level in the State of Alabama. He also worked as security officer and a supervisor at two private businesses. Patton has been designated as an International Crime Prevention Specialist through the International Society of Crime Prevention Practitioners. Patton’s interests include community policing and crime prevention techniques as well Crime Prevention through Environmental Design.

Patton has been teaching in the Department of Criminal Justice since January 2012 as an adjunct instructor. As of August 2015, he has been hired as a full-time faculty member. Patton has taught several classes during his career including Introduction to Criminal Justice, Criminal Law, Theories of Crime Causation, Introduction to Corrections, Foundations of Law Enforcement, and Police Community Relations.

Brian E. Patton, M.S., ICPS 
Jacksonville State University 

Department of Criminal Justice
129 Brewer Hall
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