Performance Concentration

As part of the Bachelor of Arts in Drama, students may choose a concentration in Performance. Performance majors are provided opportunities to gain stage experience in drama department mainstage productions, student directed one acts and other events such as our 10 minute play festival and staged readings/activities during the academic year.


In addition to the university core classes, performance students take:

Core Drama Classes (24 hours)

DR 241 Acting (3)
DR 242 Introduction to the Theatre (3)
DR 284 Stage Crafts (3)
DR 280 Play Analysis (3)
DR 250 Theatre Practicum (1)
DR 250 Theatre Practicum (1)
DR 349 Theatre Practicum (1)
DR 349 Theatre Practicum (1)
DR 361 Theatre History (3)
DR 362 Theatre History (3)
DR 490 Senior Practicum (2)

Performance Required (6 hours)

DR 290 Speech for the Performer (3)
DR 441 Acting II (3)

Performance Electives (6 Hours)

DR 342 Directing (3)
DR 343 Audition and Portfolio (3)
DR 344 Careers in Performance (3)
DR 354 Movement for the Stage (3)
DR 383 Puppetry (3)
DR 455 Music Theatre Dance (3)
DR 485 Special Topics in Performance (3)

9 hours of Drama Electives

These electives may consist of any Drama course.


Performance Concentration Plan of Study

Performance Concentration Advising Checklist

Tennessee Walk
Daniel King, Jr and Steven Richardson in a scene from "A Tennessee Walk"
Katie Daniels and Maurice Winsell in "Brigadoon"
Dillion Everett, Savannah Jones, Rebekah Payne, Daniel King, Jr. and Meghan Browning in "Blithe Spirit"