Teaching/Learning Center

Teaching Learning Center

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The mission of the Teaching/Learning Center (T/LC) is to provide teacher candidates opportunities for hands-on, in-house, supervised practice of instructional strategies learned in the classroom. The need to blend theory with practice in the field of education is recognized by the State Department, which requires one hour of practicum for each hour in the classroom. Students in beginning education courses apply textbook strategies during lab sessions with area school children in the Teaching/Learning Center.

General T/LC Statistics

The T/LC has supervised over 12,500 JSU education students that provided the community with more than 132,000 hours of free tutoring. Almost 8,000 students from area public schools, as well as home schools, have participated in the tutoring program. As an example, during the Fall 2011 semester, 43 elementary students and 25 secondary students were tutored in the T/LC. The tutorials primarily focused on the four major subject areas (a student can be tutored in more than one area).

Children in Teaching Learning Center Children in Teaching Learning Center

Involvement of Students in the Community

Elementary and secondary students receive between 10 - 40 hours of free, one-to-one tutoring in academic areas designated by their parents and/or teachers. The student can receive one hour of tutoring on Monday through Thursday between 2:00-4:30PM, for up to four hours per week. 


The T/LC has been called the "Center for Two Learners" because both local school students and JSU pre-service teachers make significant academic and personal progress. JSU classroom concepts are put to use as the prospective educator prepares to become a creative decision maker. The T/LC is an invaluable practicum, as it provides a close replica of cooperative education or service learning within a School of Education and Professional Studies framework. Local legislators have proclaimed this to be one of the community's greatest "natural resources" and community outreaches.

The Center's continuing goal is to aid the School of Education and Professional Studies in providing qualified teachers that are creative, reflective decision makers.

Hours of Operation

During the fall and spring semesters, children attend public schools from approximately 7:30 AM to 3:15 PM. In order to accommodate public school students and home-schooled students, the T/LC schedules tutoring sessions between 3:30 PM and 4:30 PM.

There is no summer tutoring. Tutor assignment hours in the T/LC are flexible in order to accommodate the JSU student as much as possible.

Please contact Tim Whittemore for more information regarding the Teaching/Learning Center.

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