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English Language Institute

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Intensive English Program

The Intensive English Program delivers English language training for success in university and your career. In a variety of courses, you will learn and practice English for 25 hours every week for 7 weeks, for a total of more than 175 hours per session.


The program has six levels. Every student is different, but most students start at Level 2 or 3 and reach their required English ability at Level 5. Note: With "Conditional Admission", after you complete Level 4 you can be admitted to JSU's undergraduate program with no TOEFL or IELTS score!

Levels diagram

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Core Communication
Understand and express yourself in English confidently. Your teacher will lead you through a wide variety of activities to improve your receptive skills (Listening & Reading), productive skills (Speaking & Writing), Grammar, and Vocabulary.

Reading, Writing, and Critical Thinking
Learn to read and write at the university level. In addition to gaining academic language skills, you will learn to participate in the classroom, collaborate with other students, and think critically about what you are reading or writing.

Public Speaking & Presentation
Become more confident organizing and delivering speeches. While having fun with interesting topics that engage you and your audience in meaningful ways, you will deliver 14 different types of speeches.

American Pronunciationsample schedule
In this course you will practice the sounds of American English, including intonation, stress patterns, and other elements that fluent speakers recognize and use. Fun activities, unique exercises for producing sound, and constructive peer analysis will encourage you to improve how you express yourself verbally.

Introduction to University
"Intro" will introduce you to the university experience before you start university. You will step outside the language classroom to visit real JSU college classes, meet professors of different subjects and tour their departments, talk with undergraduate international students, participate in cultural, sports, and other activities and events, and learn about important university resources such as the library, the tutoring center, and career services.

Simulated University Courses
These are simulations of actual university courses. Just like a real course, it requires research, academic writing, and classroom discussion.
» Cinema & Cultural Analysis: Enjoy carefully selected movies to learn about different aspects of American culture. Then, when the movie is over, discuss the characters, analyze specific scenes, and consider the cultural relevance of the movie.  Yes, there will be popcorn!
» U.S. History: This course introduces you to the history of the country where you are living.
» Drawing: Whether or not you can draw (yet), this course serves as another way to learn the language of art and instruction.

TOEFL/IELTS Test Preparation
Prepare for these commonly required exams, learning test-taking strategies, taking practice tests, and analyzing correct answers.

Conversation Partners
You will be matched with one or more JSU students with whom you will meet regularly under the guidance of an ELI teacher. In addition to valuable practice listening and speaking, you will learn more about JSU and American culture.

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