ECE Dates

ECE Fall 2018


  • The ECE dates are Monday, Oct. 22 @ 6-7:30 and Tuesday, October 23 @ 3-4:30.
  • Registration for the exam will be September 26-October 10, closing promptly at 4:30pm on the 10th.
  • A workshop for the exam will be held in Stone Center 125 on Monday, October 15 @ 6:00 and Tuesday, October 16 @ 3:00. 

No registration is required for the workshops.

100% online students must E-Mail the director at to obtain information for the exam through Blackboard.


Important:  Verification of Registration

After registering, verify your registration by checking your Student Detail Schedule in myjsu.  If your registration was submitted correctly, the ECE will show on your current schedule, and you will be able to see the daytime, and room number to which you are assigned for the ECE.  If the ECE is not on your Student Detail Schedule, you did not properly register, and you should go back in and re-register,clicking the submit button when you are done.  When registering, you will see a date range of February 26th-27th, but you must select the day on which you want to attend for the exam.  This range does not mean that you can take it on either day.  You must choose one day M (Monday6:00 p.m.) or T (Tuesday3:00 p.m.).

If changes need to be made after you register, you must contact the Registrar's Office to be dropped from that date and re-register prior to the close of registration. Remember, there is no late registration allowed. Students are not allowed to drop the registration themselves.  It is extremely important to be sure of the day and time for which you are registered.

To confirm your registration, check your Student Detail Schedule.

Materials needed for exam: a blue book, pens, dictionary, and photo ID. You MUST bring these items with you to the exam.

Blue books may be purchased on the first floor of Stone Center beginning one hour prior to the exam each day.