Alternative Class A Program Master of Arts Major Music/Vocal/Choral (P-12)

Core Requirements (16 semester hours):

      MU    509     Seminar in Choral Music (3)

      MU    511     Research Methods in Music and Music Education (3)


      Select one from the following (3 semester hours):

       MU    505     Music Literature: Medieval-Renaissance (3)

       MU    506     Music Literature: Baroque Era (3)

       MU    507     Music Literature: Classic-Romantic (3)

       MU    508     Music Literature: Contemporary Era (3)


       Select one from the following (3 semester hours):

       MU   520     Music Theory: Style Analysis (3)

       MU   521     Music Theory: Style Analysis (3)


       Select from among the following (for a total of 4 semester hours):

       MU    580     Graduate Ensemble (1)

       MU    581     Graduate Ensemble (1)       

       MU    519     Advanced Conducting (3)

       MU    534     Individual Applied Music (2)

       MU    535     Individual Applied Music (2)


Required Music and Education Courses (24 semester hours):

      EIM    503     Computer Based Instructional Technologies (3)

      ESE    567     Literacy Theory and Practice (3)

      ESE    561     Foundations of Secondary Education (3)

      MU     471G   Elementary Music Materials and Methods (3)

      MU     545     Measurement and Evaluation in Music (3)

      MU     483G   Secondary Vocal Music Materials and Methods (3)

      MU     588     Graduate Internship in Music Education P-12 (3) (50% time at the elementary and 50% time at the secondary

                          level; offered in Fall and Spring during public school hours)

       SPE    500     Survey Course in Special Education (3)


40 Graduate Semester Hours Required for this Degree

Undergraduate Requirements: 59 semester hours of undergraduate course work from the area of music to include:

      Music Theory                       18 semester hours

      Music History                        6 semester hours

      Conducting                           5 semester hours

      Class applied music               5 semester hours

         (vocal techniques classes)

    *Additional Music Courses     25 semester hours


 Non-Music Undergraduate Requirements: 5 semester hours must include:

      ED      300           Introduction to Teacher Education (2)

      PSY    222           Human Development (3)


     *These must include courses in major applied instruction and include evidence

       of a degree level recital performance. Of the total at least 19 semester hours

       must be at the 300-400 level.



40-99 Total Undergraduate and Graduate Semester Hours

Required for this Degree



Completion of this program leads to eligibility for class A (master’s) teacher certification music/vocal/choral (P-12). Students must meet admission requirements for the alternative class A teacher certification program.

Candidates admitted (to enroll in courses in a Class A teaching field program) may complete no more than five approved program courses prior to unconditional admission to the program (this includes transfer credit).  Exceptions to this rule must be approved by the Dean of the School of Education and the Dean/Associate Dean of Graduate Studies.

 Successful completion of the appropriate Praxis II examination is required prior to internship for all alternative class A programs.