To qualify for a graduate assistantship appointment a student must satisfy the following eligibility requirements:  

       1.  Must be classified as a graduate student at JSU and enrolled in a degree program;
       2.  Must not be on academic probation;
       3.  Must be registered for at least six (6) graduate semester credit hours during a regular semester, or at least
            six (6) graduate semester credit hours during the summer. An exception to this requirement will be made
            by the Director of Graduate Studies under the following conditions:

  • If a student is classified as a graduate student and is required to take undergraduate courses
    for the graduate degree (foundation courses for the MBA degree, undergraduate deficiencies in
    education, foundation courses for Computer Systems and Software Design program or any other
    graduate program);                  
  • If a student has made satisfactory progress toward obtaining the graduate degree and needs
    fewer than six (6) graduate hours to complete the degree;
  • If a student does not intend to work as a graduate assistant for all summer terms, the student
    must take either three (3) graduate hours for each summer term worked, or a total of six (6)
    graduate hours over the summer terms.
  • If a student is required to enroll in a course that is less than three (3) graduate credit hours.                                                                                                                                        

       4.  Must not be holding another campus job;
       5.  A graduate assistant is prohibited from accepting, receiving, or being credited for other forms tuition scholarships
            from the university. Scholarships from a source outside of the university will not be prohibited;
       6.  It should be noted that the graduate assistantship tuition scholarship may affect the amount of federal financial
            aid for which students are eligible. The graduate assistant will be responsible for determining if there is any 
            impact on eligibility of other financial aid programs
7.  International graduate assistants must be certified by the Director of the International House Program to perform
            duties and receive compensation.