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Library Media

CONCENTRATION: Library Media (P-12)

Core Requirements (18-22 semester hours):

  • ED 500 - Introduction to Graduate Education and Technology (1)
    (Students who did not take ED 500 (discipline specific section) as a master’s student at JSU are required to take the course as part of their Ed.S. program. Required in the first semester of enrollment.)
  • EFD 552 - Diversity Issues in Education (3)
  • EIM 610 - Emerging Technology & Collaborative Tools (3)
  • EFD 615 - Leadership (3)
  • EFD 620 - Measurement and Evaluation (3)
  • EFD 691 - Advanced Research in Education I (3)
  • EFD 692 - Advanced Research in Education II (3) (Prerequisite: EFD 691)
    (Must be taken in the last semester of enrollment.)
  • *SPE 500 - Survey Course in Special Education (3)
    (*Students who have not previously satisfied the special education requirement at the undergraduate or graduate level must take SPE 500)

Concentration Requirements (12 semester hours):

  • LM 612 - Advanced Materials for Children & Young Adults (3)
  • EIM 615 - Online Course Design (3)
  • EIM 620 - Educational Multi-Media and Video (3)
  • EIM 624 - Advanced Digital Photography in Education (3)

30-34 Graduate Semester Hours Required for this Degree


  • Admission to this program requires fifth year (master’s) certification in Library Media.
  • An overall GPA of 3.25 on a 4.0 scale on all course work attempted is required for this program. Overall 3.50 GPA required for completion beginning July 1, 2017. Courses used toward the master’s degree or fifth-year/master’s certification may not be repeated or counted for the Ed.S. degree. Students in this program are required to purchase College LiveText. College LiveText Education Solutions is a complete development, management, and assessment solution specifically designed for colleges and universities. Additional information on College LiveText can be obtained at
  • The purposes of a Class AA program shall be to prepare educators on the sixth-year level to serve effectively in instructional support positions.  Persons who complete Class AA programs shall have acquired knowledge and skills above the level required for completion of a Class A program.
  • Candidates admitted (to enroll in courses in a Class AA teaching field program) may complete no more than five approved program courses prior to unconditional admission to the program (this includes transfer credit).  

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