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Graduate Studies

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Master of Science in Education


CONCENTRATION: NUTRITION (non-teacher certification)

Core Requirements (12 semester hours):

  • HPE 537 - Issues & Trends in Wellness & Sport Studies (3)
  • HPE 540 - Law & Ethics in Wellness & Sport Studies (3)
  • HPE 553 - Applied Exercise Physiology I (3)
  • HPE 578 - Research in Wellness and Sport Studies (3)

Nutrition Concentration (15 semester hours):

  • HPE 531 - Cardiopulmonary Physiology (3) OR 
    HPE 554 - Applied Exercise Physiology II (3)
  • HPE 539 - Diet and Performance (3)
  • HPE 590 - Directed Study in Wellness & Sport Studies (3)
  • FCS 536 - Advanced Nutrition Therapy (3)
  • FCS 537 - Advanced Methods of Nutritional Assessment (3)
  • FCS 538 - Critical Issues in Nutrition & Food Science (3)

                                                   30 Graduate Semester Hours Required for this Degree


  • Admission to this program requires completion of a fourth-year (Bachelors) degree in Exercise Science, Nutrition, or a closely related field.
  • The graduate concentration in Nutrition is designed to prepare students for advanced study in nutrition and future employment in the field of nutrition and related careers in wellness and corporate fitness. 
  • Special attention is also given to knowledge and skills necessary for students preparing for the ISSN Certified sport Nutrition exam and potentially preparing for a program leading to becoming a Registered Dietitian. 
  • The Nutrition program prepares graduates for interaction with both healthy active populations  and populations that are affected by chronic diseases (e.g., CVD, Diabetes) and the impact of nutritional interventions in these populations. 
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