Academic Forgiveness


Occasionally, during a specific semester, students encounter personal, emotional or financial hardships so devastating that performing academically at a level approximating their usual record of academic achievement becomes impossible.  Typically, these students realize their situations in time to take the advisable course of action and withdraw from the university.  If that is not done,  however, and the student’s grades for the semester are decidedly below that  student’s normal record, the student can petition for academic forgiveness.  All course work taken, even hours completed satisfactorily during the semester for which forgiveness is declared, will be disregarded in the cumulative grade point average and as hours earned toward graduation.  Academic forgiveness may be granted one time and is applicable to undergraduate deficiency and graduate course work. 


Students may petition for academic forgiveness for only one semester (any fall, spring or summer term) already completed at the university. This policy was approved and became effective fall 2015 semester. Therefore, this policy applies only to those students whose enrollment in a graduate course and subsequent grade occurred in fall 2015 semester and thereafter.

 Graduate students have six years from the time of initial enrollment in the graduate program to apply for academic forgiveness.  Forms and details of this policy are available online at the graduate studies website,, under the student resources link.  Graduate students must provide substantial documentation, including all items required for a complete review, to the Director of Graduate Studies office located on the third floor of Bibb Graves Hall, Room #321.  Once all documentation has been reviewed and approved by the department head and the Director of Graduate Studies, the Registrar’s Office will adjust the academic record and notify the student.  Once granted, academic forgiveness cannot be reversed.  Students should be aware that other graduate and professional schools may compute grade point average to include all hours attempted when considering applicants for admission.  A petition will be not be considered if the student has received a degree subsequent to the semester in question.  Undergraduate and graduate students may apply for a medical or compassionate withdrawal for the current semester or immediate preceding semester only.  Students can determine if they are eligible for this type of withdrawal by contacting the office of the Vice President of Student Affairs located on the first floor of Bibb Graves Hall, Room #102, or online at