Past Antigone Lectures

2014-2015 "The History of Liberty"

Liberty in the Ancient World

David Corey - Associate Professor of Political Science - Baylor University

Liberty in St. Augustine

Michael Foley - Associate Professor of Patristics - Baylor University

Freedom and the Liberal Arts

Donald Prudlo - Associate Professor of History - Jacksonville State University

Liberty in the American Founding

James Ceaser - Harry F. Byrd Professor of Politics - University of Virginia

Liberty in the Postmodern Age

Peter Lawler - Dana Professor of Government - Barry College

2015-2016 "Civic Liberty, Civil Society, and Civilization"

"Civil Society in the Medieval World"

Anthony Lappin - Research Professor, Maynooth University Ireland,Fellow of the Swedish Collegium for Advanced Study

"Civility and Civil Society"

Paul Beezley - Associate Professor of History at JSU

"The Southern Way of Life: Meanings of Civilization in the American South."

Charles Reagen Wilson, Emeritus Professor of History - University of Mississippi

"Civic Liberty in Renaissance Italy:Michelangelo's David and the Florentine Republic"

David Alvis - Associate Professor of Government, Wofford College

"Alexis de Tocqueville and the Problem of Self-Government"

Raymond Hain - Assistant Professor of Philosophy, Providence College

2016-2017 Theme: Religious Liberty

Russel Lemmons, University Distinguished Professor of History

"'A Christian's first duty is to the Lord, and then to the state": Rupert Mayer and Religious Liberty in Hitler's Germany."

Paul Voss, Associate Professor of English, Georgia State

That Michelangelo Moment: Innovation, Disruption, and Liberty"

Kevin Schmiessing, Research Fellow, Acton Institute

" 'Equally the Gift of Nature': The Link between Religious and Economic Liberties"

Jennifer Bryson, Center for Islam and Religious Freedom

"Muslim Support for Religious Freedom Today: Who, Where, How, Why"

Samuel Gregg, Director of Research, Acton Institute

"The Natural Law Case for Religious Liberty"