PRISM Workshops

With the reorganization of several areas of the university, the Office of Institutional Effectiveness has extended the timeframe and is continuing to offer PRISM Workshops to assist units with their Operational and Assessment planning. These workshops are individualized for the specific unit requesting the workshop.

Kim Presson, certified as a SACSCOC Institutional Effectiveness reviewer, is assisting units correct issues with their plans or re-work their plans entirely.

If you are in a unit leadership position (Director/Department Head/Chief Officer/Vice President, etc.) and have not attended training this year, or if you would like to schedule a workshop for your unit or discuss your PRISM plan, please contact Kim Presson in the Office of Institutional Effectiveness (8142 or

March 4, 2016

As we approach the submission of the 5th Year Interim Report it is time to reevaluate and update our operational and assessment plans so that each unit has at least 3 years of substantial data showing work towards continuous improvement, leading to compliance in the area of Institutional Effectiveness.

SACSCOC defines Institutional Effectiveness as the "systematic, explicit, and documented process of measuring performance against mission in all aspects of an institution...." and stresses the importance of Institutional Effectiveness as follows: "A commitment to continuous improvement is at the heart of an ongoing planning and evaluation process. It is a continuous, cyclical process that is participative, flexible, relevant, and responsive." Resource Manual, SACSCOC (Revised 2012).

With the upcoming 5th Year Report submission approaching, Kim Presson, Coordinator in the Office of Institutional Effectiveness will begin hosting individual department PRISM Workshops for all academic and administrative units on campus. These workshops will combine the knowledge of the leadership team of the specific unit or department as the expert in the field, with the knowledge of the Coordinator of Institutional Effectiveness (IE) as a trained SACSCOC Institutional Effectiveness reviewer. In this arrangement, the IE Coordinator works with the unit or departmental planning and assessment team in order to develop operational and assessment plans, and then assist the unit/department with how to structure the plans so they comply with SACSCOC requirements.

All academic and administrative units will be able to begin scheduling PRISM workshops now for the months of April through August 2016, so that all new plans are in place October 1, 2016.

To schedule your unit's workshop, please contact Kim Presson at 256-782-8142 or