Programs & Events

Bonding Trip

The most exciting event at the beginning of the year, when all of the new students get to know each other. The trip is 1-2 days and includes outdoor activities and games to allow the students to get to bond as a group.

United Nation Day Tea

The biggest annual multi-cultural event on campus hosted by the international house students. Our house students display the value of International House Program through performances.


A formal dinner at the house that concludes the end of the first semester before Christmas break.


On Valentine's Day, we have a small reception in the dining room of the International House. After the reception, there is an activity decided by the house residents and resident assistants.

International Week

A cultural awareness week hosted by the International Student Organization. There are a lot of fun activities, such as the soccer game, movie night, water balloon fight, silent auction, and the Taster's Fair.

The Vibe

The biggest party on campus organized by the International Student Organization and freshmen at the International House. There is free food, drink, music, dancing and lots of fun!

Tasters Fair

A cultural food festival where international students cook and serve traditional food from their country.

Formal Banquet

The final banquet that wraps up the whole year, when awards are given to extraordinary house students for their commitment to the program.