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Registration for Professional Development Sessions

Instructions for Enrollment 

To register for a session, you must log in to STI PD by visiting

You have a username/password for STI PD if you were an Alabama public school teacher in the 2007/2008 school year or later.  All teachers were entered into the STI PD system by a school system administrator.  If your username/password are not working, you will need to seek help from your school system administrator (all others contact Chalkable/STI at 251-639-1851).  JSU Inservice is unable to assist with user names, passwords, or account creation.  If you were not at a State of Alabama school last year and do not have an STI PD account established, you will need to see a school or system administrator who can create an account for you (or call Chalkable/STI at 251-639-1851).  Only those who have active STI PD accounts can register for sessions and receive credit for attendance.

IMPORTANT:  While logged on to STI PD please check your contact information (especially email address) and make sure it is current.  Session reminders, changes, and cancellations are sent via the email address listed within your STI PD account profile.  Please make sure the email address listed is one you use/check.   

How to Register for a Session in STI PD when the PD Title Number is Known:
1.  Go to
2.  Click the PD Title Tab
3.  Click the Search the PD Title Catalog link that appears on the page
4.  Locate the PD Title Number box on the upper right side of the search form page (*if you do not know a session number see instructions provided below)
5.  After entering the PD Title Number exactly as given, click the Search Now button on the lower right
6.  Scroll down the page until you see the session for which you wish to register and click the blue List link on the right side of the session information
7.  Confirm the session information and click the Enroll button located within the session information.

How to Search for Workshops on STI PD when the PD Title Number is Not Known:
1.  Go to
2.  Click the View Session Offerings tab
3.  Either scroll through the list to find the session of your choice or use the Go to calendar view link to switch to a monthly calendar view of sessions offered
4.  Click on the title of the session you wish to attend
5.  Click the Enroll button

Credit for Session Attendance/Completion:
Once a session has been attended/completed and processed, credit will appear in your training history. There is no further action required on your part.

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