Enterprise Risk Management

Jess Godbey
Dr. Jess Godbey is Program Coordinator and Associate Professor of the Occupational Safety and Health Management Program at Jacksonville State University. Dr. Godbey serves in a resource capacity as University Safety officer. His educational background includes a Ph.D., in Industrial & Systems Engineering focusing on Industrial Safety and Ergonomics from Auburn University and a Masters and Bachelors degree from he University of Michigan in Industrial & Operations Engineering.
Definition of "Enterprise Risk Management"
Enterprise Risk Management is a coordinated approach to assessing and responding to all risks that affect the achievement of the University's strategic and financial objectives, including both upside and downside risks.

The Enterprise Risk Managment Committee collaborates on a holistic approach to identifying and managing the full range of risks the University faces. The Committee serves to centrally coordinate the University's business continuity and disaster recovery planning. The Committee champions these strategies and is charged with communicating them so that all stakeholders take ownership. A common language for managing our risks will be established with a balanced view between upside and downside risks - one that attempts to minimize hazard, influence and control uncertainties, and manages opportunities.

The ERM Committee provides oversight to the Safety and Environmental Health Subcommittee. The Safety and Environmental Health Subcommittee is viewed as a vital ingredient in the overall functioning of Jacksonville State University. Committee activities ensure that University faculty, staff, and students work and learn under safe and healthful conditions. This is accomplished by making sure that the University is complying with its responsibility to provide an environment free from recognized hazards.