Faculty/Staff- Carrie Kirk


I am thankful for the many opportunities that I have received through my training and certification in behavior analysis. My training occurred through my education at Jacksonville State University and my mentorship experiences in employment. My employment history consists of working as: a residential support supervisor in early intervention and adult services; a coordinator of a counseling and enhanced foster care agency; an applied behavior analysis consultant in school systems; and currently the coordinator of academic readiness and behavioral services at Jacksonville State University. Much of my employment has been advocating for evidence-based practices for the individuals I have provided services. I have worked in partnerships with: parents, institutional review committees, ethics boards, the Department of Human Resources, judiciary courts, students and faculty. In these partnerships, I have held a number of responsibilities requiring difficult decision making that determined: quality of program services; family reunification; ratio of staff to student assignments; and resource identification, organization, and distribution. My decisions have relied heavily on reading research literature, valid data collection systems, frequent measurements and analyses, and collaboration with professional treatment teams. I have experienced joy and sadness in my work. The sadness I have experienced involved witnessing the devastating effect that drugs have on families and the atrocities that individuals do while under the influence of drugs. Although I have experienced sadness, I have also experienced great joy. The joy I have experienced involved witnessing: language acquisition (a grandmother expressed her gratitude to us concerning her four-year-old grandson’s vocabulary growth of 3 words into a vocabulary that he could hold conversations with her). I have also experienced great joy being part of families reuniting and children getting forever homes. Currently, I experience great joy integrating applications of direct instruction, precision teaching, and applied behavior analysis to enable students to have the ability to achieve years of academic progress in a matter of weeks. I love helping others and am happy to have the blessed opportunity to work at Jacksonville State University as I continue to teach and practice principles of applied behavior analysis.