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MS 100 INTERMEDIATE ALGEBRA SKILLS (Based on EdReady scores): This version of MS 100 is designed for students with lower math placement scores who may benefit from additional contact time with instructors and materials.

LS 103 REINFORCING READING SKILLS: Do you want to improve your reading comprehension and speed? This course offers individualized development of reading and thinking skills! (3 credits)

LS 104 ACADEMIC SUCCESS SKILLS (Required for ALL conditionally accepted students): Here is everything you ever wanted to know about JSU and college life but were too afraid to ask! This course teaches study methods, library skills, note taking, stress reduction, and more! (3 credits)

LS 106. Algebra Emporium (0). Effective fall semester 2015, this zero-credit emporium is a mandatory laboratory for students who have received an “NC” in MS 100. The learning environment in the laboratory will be individualized and mastery-based to enable students to prepare for their first general education mathematics course. Prior to the beginning of the next semester or term after an “NC” in MS 100, students must register for LS 106 and remain in
the laboratory until they have mastered the objectives of MS 100, including, if necessary, subsequent semesters or
terms until the objectives have been met.

LS 130 CRITICAL THINKING: Develop the higher order of thinking abilities needed for academic study and career success! (3 credits)

LS 301 (1credit), LS 302 (2 credits), LS 303 (3 credits) ACADEMIC PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT Realizing students can be effective teachers, JSU offers academic credit to qualified students who serve as learning assistants in selected areas.  Permission of instructor is required.

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