Policy Procedures

Picking Up| Returning Vehicle

  • Vehicle packets can be picked up/dropped off between 8:30 AM and 4:00 PM in the Office of University Housing Operations- Meehan Hall. If your reservation is needed during a weekend/holiday, packets should be picked up on the previous business day between normal business hours.
  • Keys may be picked up one work day before departure. For liability reasons, vehicle packets will only be issued to individuals listed as driver(s) on the reservation.
  • Anyone returning a vehicle after hours/overnight should park the vehicle in the Motor Pool Fleet Area (Campus Inn Parking Lot). Vehicle Packet should be returned to the Office of University Housing Operations- Meehan Hall.
  • Vehicles are located in the Motor Pool Fleet Area (Campus Inn Parking Lot).  The vehicle numbers correspond to the number written on the packet. 
  • Motor pool vehicles may not leave the lot earlier than the time indicated, nor be returned to the lot later than the time indicated, on the reservation form. Any JSU Motor Pool vehicle may be in use 24 hours per day, seven days a week. Do not assume, because it is late at night or during the weekend, that no one else is scheduled to use the vehicle right after you.
  • Any person/organization/team who returns a JSU Motor Ppool vehicle later than the stated return time, without a justifiable reason (weather, mechanical problems), may be held responsible for the additional expenses they cause the next person scheduled to use that vehicle. Additionally, if it becomes necessary to call in someone from the Office of University Housing Operations-, after normal office hours, to arrange for another vehicle in the event the scheduled vehicle is not there, the account on the vehicle request form will be charged for two hours of overtime pay at time and a half.


  • The gas tank must be re-filled before the car is returned to the Motor Pool lot. If a driver returns a vehicle with less than 1/2 tank of gas, the account on the vehicle request form will be charged an additional daily rate.
  • The credit card for each vehicle is located in the key packet. Original fuel receipts must be returned with the provided folder.  No receipt will result in the driver being personally responsible for the cost of fuel.  The credit card may be used only for authorized purchases for the JSU Motor Pool vehicle to which the card is issued. Any use of this credit card for other vehicles is illegal.

Additional Resources

Smoking policy:

  • State law does not allow smoking in any JSU vehicle.

Animal/Pet policy:

  • Animals are not allowed in any JSU vehicle, with the exception of service animals. If a vehicle must be cleaned because a pet was transported, a charge will be applied to the account indicated on the vehicle request form. If necessary, the vehicle may have to be cleaned professionally, which will be charged to the department/person.


  • For your convenience, a waste dumpster is located near the Motor Pool Parking Lot.  Please dispose of all waste accumulated during your trip when you return.  If the next scheduled driver reports trash left in the vehicle, the previous driver's account will be charged an additional daily rate. 

Mechanical Problems:

  • During normal business hours, please contact the Office of University Housing Operations (256.782.5871).  After hours please contact the JSU University Police (256.782.8888).
  • Report any suspected mechanical or physical damage problems with the vehicle. Do not leave a note in the vehicle.


  • During business hours an accident with a Motor Pool vehicle, no matter how minor, must be immediately reported to the Office of University Housing Operations- (256.782.5871).  After hours please contact JSU Police Department at (256.782.8888) to report damage. 

Lost Keys:

  • If a Motor Pool Vehicle Key Packet is returned without a key, it will be at the expense of the department/person that reserved the vehicle. 

Cell Phone Use:

  • All drivers are discouraged from using a cellular phone while operating a motor vehicle to conduct state business, except for the purpose of obtaining emergency assistance.
  • Driving a JSU Motor Pool vehicle is a privilege and, as such, the privilege may be revoked for misuse, disregard of the regulations governing use of the vehicle, or failure to obey traffic laws.