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Baccalaureate Plan of Study

The following are the recommended courses for completion of the prerequisites for *admission to the upper division BSN program. All students who are planning to pursue *admission to the upper division BSN program should contact the Director of Student Services for advisement, and review the Lower Division Nursing Advisement Guidelines.

*The term "admitted" refers to assessment of select criteria for upper division coursework as defined in the JSU Undergraduate catalog. 

Area I
EH 101 English Composition 3 SH
EH 102 English Composition 3 SH
Total 6 SH
Area II
Literature* 3 SH
Literature* 3 SH
Fine Arts Elective 3 SH
EH 141 Oral Communication 3 SH
Total 12 SH
Area III
BY 101/103 Intro to Biology 4 SH
CY 115 Concepts of General Chemistry I 4 SH
MS 112 Pre Calculus Algebra 3 SH
Total 11 SH
Area IV
History* 3 SH
History* 3 SH
PSY 201 Principles of Psychology 3 SH
PSY 222 Human Development 3 SH
Total 12 SH
Area V
BY 263 Human Anatomy and Physiology I 4 SH
BY 264 Human Anatomy and Physiology II 4 SH
BY 283 Health Microbiology 4 SH
FCS 322 Normal Nutrition 3 SH
MS 204 Basic Statistics 3 SH
NU 121 Ethics in Nursing 3 SH
Total 21 SH
Total Prerequisite Hours 62
* 3 hours required and must have a 6 hours sequence of either literature or history.

Upper Division Nursing Courses :
For Students Entering Upper Division Fall 2012 and Thereafter

Junior Year
1st Semester
NU 306 Pharmacology 4 SH
NU 309 Health Assessment 4 SH
NU 311 Foundation of Nursing Practice 6 SH
Total 14 SH
2nd Semester
NU 326 Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing 5 SH
NU 325 Adult Health in Secondary and Community Settings 5 SH
NU 322 Health Deviations and Clinical Interventions 3 SH
Total 13 SH
NU 340 Professional Practice and Care of the Aging Population 3 SH
Total 3 SH
Senior Year
3rd Semester
NU 404 Childbearing Families 5 SH
NU 403 Nursing Care of Children and Families 5 SH
NU 422 Nursing Leadership and Health Policy 2 SH
Total 12 SH
4th Semester
NU 424 Adult Health in Secondary, Tertiary, and Community Settings 5 SH
NU 426 Community Health Across the Lifespan 5 SH
NU 433 Advanced Health Deviations and Clinical Interventions 3 SH
Total 13 SH
5th Semester
NU 428 Practicum 6 SH
NU 455 Transition to Professional Nursing 4 SH
NU 400 Research and Outcomes Management 2 SH
Total 12 SH
Total Upper Division Hours 67
Total Semester Hours 129
*If you are required to take the RISE course, please note that this course is not covered by Financial Aid.
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