Traditional test proctoring typically works this way: a student goes to a specific location at a specific time and completes an exam (paper or online) under the oversight of an in-person proctor.

When this option is selected, it is the responsibility of the instructor and the student to identify someone in the student's local region that is willing to serve as a testing proctor. Instructors that are located near JSU are expected to administer exams to local JSU students. The location of such examinations should be included in the course syllabus or communicated to the students as soon as possible. If students do not live in the Jacksonville, AL area, it is recommended that the student consider the following options for securing a proctor:

  • List of available proctors at convenient locations
  • A testing officer at a university or community college
  • A high school counselor
  • Education services officer at a military base/post or reserve center
  • Other state or Federal organization
  • Other willing organizations as appropriate which can be approved by the instructor
  • Testing centers throughout the United States - National College Testing Association - listings by state

Any fees charged by the proctor will be the responsibility of the student. Also, if the student is taking an online test in Blackboard, the student will need to make sure the proctoring site has Internet access, and the student will want to check to be sure they can access Blackboard from the site. The student should provide the Blackboard System Requirements to someone at the site who is familiar with the site's computers and network. This will allow the proctor/site manager to review the technical requirements for using Blackboard so they can advise the student on whether or not the site will allow access to Blackboard for completing the exam online.

When the student has identified a proctor, the student should submit the following information to the instructor:

  • Course title
  • Student name
  • Student ID number
  • Student e-mail address
  • Proctor's name
  • Proctor's title
  • Proctor's agency
  • Proctor's address
  • Proctor's telephone number
  • Proctor's e-mail address
  • Proctor's fax number

When approved by the instructor, the instructor should send the exam to the selected proctor along with a password. Be sure to define the password when defining the availability of the test.

Non-JSU students should contact Counseling Services for scheduling on-campus proctoring at JSU.