Voice Thread

Voice Thread is a new media and assessment tool now available in Blackboard. With VoiceThread, users may post videos, audio, presentations, and other content for review and comment. When a user replies to a VoiceThread, they can also do so with video and other content. VoiceThread has many possibilities for content presentation, assessment, and student generated work such as:

  • Presentations with annotations and voice over
  • Online course introductions
  • Video feedback with annotations
  • Authentic assessment
  • See VoiceThread Blog for more ideas

Get Started With VoiceThread

It is easy to create a VoiceThread and experiment with the possibilities. VoiceThread is a service available to anyone around the World, however, JSU's contract provides for enhanced features. Be sure to follow the steps below to activate your VoiceThread account.

If you already have a VoiceThread account, follow these steps to associate your account with JSU's account. After you click the VoiceThread link in Blackboard, you will be asked for your password.

Step 1- Authenticate VoiceThread Account Within Blackboard

For more details, see Instructor Guide. If you use VoiceThread in your course, be sure to point students to the Student Guide for set-up and use information.

Create VoiceThread Link

Enter VoiceThread

Step 2- Create Your First VoiceThread

Create a New VoiceThread


  • Email pro-support@voicethread.com
  • Use the Voice Thread Contact Form (once you select an option on this page, the appropriate form appears)
  • Note that the Contact form is accessible from a user's Voice Thread account Home page by clicking on "About" at the bottom of the page and selecting "Contact"