Enrollment Merge

Important Information about Merging Course Enrollments in Blackboard:

  • Enrollment Merge is an action that allows automated merging of enrollments from multiple sections into a single Blackboard course.
  • This tool enables instructors teaching multiple sections of the same course or cross-listed courses to maintain content, grades, and student communication in only one Blackboard course.
  • The course in which students are enrolled and content is built is the parent course, and all courses merged into the parent course are referred to as child courses.
  • The parent course of a merged set will be a new course specifically created by ET&S staff upon configuration of the merge.
  • All regular Banner-origin courses will now be child courses, so please DO NOT build content in, or make available to students, any of the regular/child courses for which you are requesting a merge.
  • All content should be built in or copied into the newly created parent course provided to you in response to your merge request.
  • No students or instructors will or should be (manually or otherwise) directly enrolled into this new parent course.  All enrollment changes should be made in the child courses in Banner, resulting in enrollment updates to the parent course.  This is crucial for avoiding enrollment errors in sets of merged courses.
  • Merge requests should be submitted to online@jsu.edu prior to the beginning of the term.  Merge requests should precede or accompany course copy requests related to courses in the merged set.
  • Requests should include all Blackboard course ID's that represent course enrollments needing to be merged.

A merge may not always be the appropriate solution for managing multiple sections of a course.  For assistance in evaluating the best enrollment management approach for your courses, please contact Online@JSU at online@jsu.edu.  Please include all Blackboard course ID's for which you are needing a solution.