Values Statement, Mission & Vision

The Jacksonville State University Police Department strives for its members to be honest, ethical, and professional. The department seeks to safeguard individual rights and to treat all with respect and courtesy.


"To be responsive to the changing needs of our customers." Our mission is to provide service and protection for the JSU community, prevent crime, enforce the law, and safeguard the constitutional guarantees of all.

To provide support and service for academic and administrative staff, faculty, students, and JSU visitors. The Department ensures that all faculty, staff, students, and guests are free from criminal, potentially criminal, or otherwise disturbing or threatening behavior that would prevent or discourage a safe and efficient work and study environment. The Department is dedicated to ensuring that any police service required for faculty, staff, students, and visitors is provided as expediently and professionally as possible. All sworn members adhere and subscribe to the values written in the "Law Enforcement Code of Ethics." These values are qualities of worth. They are non-negotiable, and they will never be compromised by JSU Police Officers for the sake of expediency or personal preferences.


Our Vision is "To continue to meet the changing needs of our community" by: Serving as a world-class model of a professional Campus Law Enforcement Agency in a diversified student environment; staying competitive in order to retain and attract motivated and career-oriented professional personnel; maintaining the technological edge for state-of-the-art capabilities in administrative and operational capacities; shifting or changing operating techniques and current paradigms to remain more effective and efficient in accomplishing our mission in meeting the best interests of the JSU community, and by endorsing and supporting higher education efforts and further enhancing in-service training resources to give an edge to our personnel.