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The Adopt-A-Cop program is one of our most popular and longstanding programs. It was originally developed as a means to establish a rapport between the University Police Department and the student population. Generally, Adopt-A-Cop officers engage in such activities as giving various presentations to the students and educating them on important issues. Officers coordinate these programs with the Crime Prevention Supervisor.

Adopt-A-Cop presentations cover a range of topics including personal safety, missing person protocol, physical security, and fire safety. Each semester, JSU Housing personnel may request topics that they feel are important to their residence Hall. It is the responsibility of the Crime Prevention Supervisor and officers assigned to their residence Hall to design and make a presentation covering the requested topics. This involvement acts as a visible role model and establishes a rapport with the students.

Crow Hall Captain Brian Mann
& Officer Chris Callender
Curtiss Hall Officer Betsy Campbell
Daugette Hall Captain Carl Preuninger
Dixon Hall Captain Brian Mann
& Officer Rashad Phinisee
Fitzpatrick Hall Officer Elizabeth Morrow
& Officer Betsy Campbell
Logan Hall Officer Betsy Campbell
Campus Apartments Officer Michael DeVoe
& Sergeant Matt Langley
Leadership House SSO Michelle Page
Patterson Hall Officer Chris Callender
International House Officer Brian Gay
Sparkman Hall Officer Rashad Phinisee
Fraternity Row Sergeant Brandon Singleton
& Sergeant Jerry Perkins
Meehan Hall Captain Carl Preuninger
& Officer Donyale Richard

General questions concerning the Adopt-A-Cop program can be directed to Captain Brian Mann at (256) 782-8888.
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