Expectations if You Become a Victim

What You Can Expect from UPD and JSU if you Are a Victim

  • You will be given complete attention, assistance, and care by the JSU Police and the University. Our commitment is to help you on all levels from day one and throughout your recovery process.
  • You will be advised of all the professional protocols taken before they occur, and each will be explained to you as they occur to ensure you remain comfortable with how they play into the criminal justice process.
  • An Investigator or a Victim's Assistance Officer (usually a female) and other professionals will be assigned to your case to ensure it is expeditiously carried out and handled in the most supportive, sensitive and empathetic manner as possible.
  • Your department employs trained Victim Witness Coordinators that are available to help you should you become a victim. We are a department fully committed to community policing, education, and social programming.
  • "To be or not to be..." should not be the question when it comes to being a victim. Be proactive and aware, and join us in minimizing crime. Join us in making JSU a safe place to work, live and play.