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Respiratory Therapy

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RRT-BS Curriculum

The RRT-BSRT program is designed to allow registered respiratory therapists that have completed an associate-level program the option of obtaining an advanced degree.  This program will allow those already practicing in the field of Respiratory Therapy to advance their degree. Our program is designed to help respiratory therapists improve their skills as leaders, educators, and advanced-level clinicians. We prepare students to become leaders in their role as an advanced-level therapist.

Core Course Requirements

Written Composition (6 SH Required)

EH 101 English Composition 3 SH
EH 102 English Composition 3 SH

Humanities and Fine Arts (12 SH Required)

EH Literature I 3 SH
Fine Arts Elective 3 SH
Literature II, Humanities, or Fine Arts 3 SH
Humanities or Fine Arts 3 SH

Students must complete one course (3 SH) in literature and must have a 6 SH sequence (2 courses) either in literature or history.

Natural Sciences and Mathematics (11 SH Required)

BY 101/103 Introductory Biology I/Lab 4 SH
CY 105/107 General Chemistry I/Lab 4 SH
MS 112 Pre-calculus Algebra 3 SH

History, Social, and Behavioral Sciences (12 SH Required)

PSY 201 Principles of Psychology 3 SH
HY History I 3 SH
History II, Social Science, or Behavioral Science 3 SH
Social Science or Behavioral Science 3 SH

Students must complete one course (3 SH) in history and must have a 6 SH sequence (2 courses) either in history or literature.

Preprofessional, Major, and Elective Courses (15 SH Required)

BY 263 Human Anatomy & Physiology I 4 SH
BY 264 Human Anatomy & Physiology II 4 SH
BY 283 Microbiology 4 SH
Preprofessional, Major, and Elective Courses 3 SH

The Alabama General Studies Articulation Agreement provides for alternatives in some prerequisite courses.

RRT-BSRT Program Course Sequence

The RRT-BSRT program recognizes the past academic and experiential knowledge of the Registered Respiratory Therapist. RRTs are awarded 33 hours of RRT-BSRT Credit after completion of first semester course work.

Students will be required to complete a total of 32 hours of course work at Jacksonville State University. The following core courses will be required for all students:

Spring Semester 

RT 442 Advanced Ventilatory Support 4 SH
RT 444 Critical Care Monitoring 2 SH
RT 446 Research for Respiratory Therapists 3 SH

Summer Semester

RT 450 Healthcare Education for Respiratory Therapists 4 SH
RT 452 Patient Care Management Strategies 3 SH
RT 454 Advanced Neonatal and Pediatric Care 3 SH

Fall Semester

RT 456 Healthcare Leadership for Respiratory Therapists 4 SH
RT 458 Special Procedures 3 SH
RT 460 Alternative Care Roles for Respiratory Therapists 3 SH

Students will also be required to complete an Advanced Practice Elective. The elective can be taken in the semester of the student’s choice.

RT 448 Advanced Practice Elective 3 SH

Completion of the Advanced Practice Elective requires the student to prepare for and complete the requirements for one of the following advanced practice credentials:

Advanced Critical Care Specialist, Neonatal-Perinatal Specialist, Certified Asthma Education, Certified Pulmonary Function Technologist, Registered Pulmonary Function Technologist, Certified Sleep Disorder Specialist, Registered Sleep Disorder Specialist, or Certified Tobacco Treatment Specialist

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