Dr. Sarah Donley

Education Donley October 2015

Kansas State University, PhD, Sociology, 2014
Dissertation:  The Overtaking of Undertaking:  Feminization and the Changing Gender-type of Funeral Directing

Kansas State University, MA, Sociology, 2009
Thesis:  HIV in the Heartland:  Negotiating Stigma, Disclosure and the HIV+ Community

University of Nebraska-Omaha, BA, Sociology, 2006

Rank:     Assistant Professor of Sociology

Tenure at JSU:     Since the Fall of 2014

Dr. Donley's Curriculum Vitae

Classes Taught: SY 301 Sociological Methods, SY 221 Introduction to Sociology, SY 222 Honors Introduction to Sociology, SY 368 Theories of Gender, SY 324 Social Stratification, and SY 356 Collective Behavior and Social Movements

Dr. Donley’s research centers on gender inequality, work and organizations, and culture. Her current research explores shifting cultural gender beliefs in feminizing occupations and what this means for gender (in)equality.

Recent Publications

Donley, Sarah and Josalyn Kelly. Forthcoming. “Cash in a Flash: Gatekeeping, Deception, and Qualitative Methodology in the Study of Payday and Title Loan Businesses.” Sage Research Methods Cases, Sociology.

Donley, Sarah and Patrice Lockett. Forthcoming. “HIV in the Heartland: Experiences of Barriers to Care and Stigma in Low Prevalence areas” The Qualitative Report.

Donley, Sarah and Patrice Lockett. 2017. “Living with HIV/AIDS in Rural and Urban Areas of the Midwest.” Journal of Rural and Urban Research, Special Issue on Public Health 7(1): 1-8.

Donley, Sarah and Chardie L. Baird. 2017. “The Overtaking of Undertaking: Gender Beliefs in a Feminizing Occupation.” Sex Roles 77(1-2): 97-112.

Public Sociology

Donley, Sarah.  2017’s Best & Worst States for Women’s Equality:  Ask the Experts