Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible for tutoring services? 
Tutoring is available to all JSU students regardless of level or grade point average.

How much does it cost to get a tutor?
Tutoring is FREE for all JSU students.

Where are the tutoring centers located? 

ACE/Theron Montgomery Building (Room 302) - Accounting, Business Statistics, Economics, and Finance, Biology, Chemistry, Geography, and Physics, English & Social and Behavioral Sciences

ACE/Theron Montgomery Building (Main Office) - Student-Athlete Tutoring Center

Ayers Hall (Room 322) - Math and Computer Science 

Stone Center (Room 332) - History and Spanish

Where will tutoring sessions be conducted?

In any of the drop in tutoring center locations depending on subject/course.

What if there is NOT a tutor available for a specific subject?
Every effort will be made to make a tutor available. Tutoring Services will contact the instructor and/or department for recommendations.

Is tutoring a paid position?
Yes and No. Students that wish to tutor for money may do so, but we also use students who want to volunteer to tutor.

How often can I be tutored?

Who is eligible to be a tutor? 
Any JSU student who maintains a 3.0 overall GPA at JSU and received either and A or a B in the course he/she will be tutoring can apply to be a tutor.