Success for Student Athletes

Athletic Department Mission Statement 

Our department goals and objectives are aligned to be consistent with the overall goals of the University and to enhance the quality of the college experience by maintaining a standard of excellence and sportsmanship among the student-athletes. 

Academic Affairs

JSU seeks to be recognized as the premier regional, comprehensive institution of higher learning in the Southeast. We aspire to be noted primarily for our focus on students, the provision of selected academic and professional programs recognized for their excellence, and a geographic and culturally diverse faculty and student body. Our educational programs are designed to prepare students for the marketplace of the future and citizenship in a world economy. 


Student-athletes are afforded priority scheduling for tutorial services through the Department of Academic Enhancement and Tutoring Services. Free tutorial services are available for student-athletes in core courses, as well as many upper level courses depending on availability of qualified tutors. 

Request for tutoring for specific courses can be made by going to the student's homepage in GradesFirst and clicking the "Request a Tutor" link beside the course in which the student wants tutoring, or by completing an application at the Academic Center for Excellence (ACE). Attendance to scheduled tutoring appointments is required and monitored through GradesFirst. Coaches and advisors will receive a text message and/or email notification of each no-show or canceled tutoring session that is not pre-approved through the academic support staff. 

ACE Tutoring Center Attendance Policies

Twenty-four hour notice is required before scheduled tutoring session can be canceled. Documentation of the reason for the cancellation or missed session is required for the absence to be considered excused. After two unexcused no-shows or cancellations, the student-athlete will be dropped from tutoring. If a student-athlete wishes to be reinstated to the tutoring session, he or she must see his or her athletic academic advisor and complete a reinstatement form. The success rates for student-athlete receiving tutorial services is over 90% each semester; therefore, it is important for student-athletes to be proactive in requesting a tutor.