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Reporting of Title IX violations is encouraged at all levels in the University community. Anyone with knowledge of an offense defined in the policy can, and is encouraged, to report it. University employees are considered mandatory reporters.

Reports can be made either confidentially or not. The following explains the process for each type of report.

Confidential and Non-Confidential Reports to Title IX Coordinator

JSU has designated Mr. Jai Ingraham, Director, Diversity & Inclusion, as the University’s Title IX Coordinator. He is also the person designated by the University to be responsible for evaluating requests for confidentiality (such as a request by the victim or complainant that his or her name not be disclosed to the alleged perpetrator or that no investigation or disciplinary action be pursued to address the sexual misconduct or gender-based discrimination). Both confidential and non-confidential reports should may be made to him the Title IX Coordinator.

The person reporting the Title IX violation may request confidentiality. The University takes each request for confidentiality seriously. The Title IX Coordinator will determine whether this request can be honored (confidentiality granted) while still meeting the University’s Title IX obligations and providing a safe and non-discriminatory environment for all students.

The Title IX Coordinator will fully explain all viable options available to the victim or complainant. In rare instances, the University may be required to override the victim’s or complainant’s request for confidentiality in order to meet its Title IX obligations and to provide a safe and non-discriminatory environment for all students. To the extent confidentiality cannot be granted, information will only be shared on a strict need to know basis with those individuals who are responsible for handling the University’s response to the sexual misconduct or gender-based discrimination. In these limited situations, the University will notify the victim or complainant of the specific information to be disclosed, the individuals to whom it will be disclosed, and the reasons for the disclosure.

To Report An Offense Confidentially to Others Than the Title IX Coordinator 

If one desires that details of an incident be kept confidential and not shared with the Title IX Coordinator, they should speak with on-campus mental health counselors, campus health service providers, or off-campus rape crisis counselor, who can maintain confidentiality.  Campus counselors are available to help you free of charge and can be seen on an emergency basis. In addition, you may speak with off-campus mental health counselors, medical professionals or members of the clergy, who will also keep reports made to them confidential to the extent allowed by law.

JSU Student Counseling Services                 RMC-JSU Student Health Clinic
140 Daugette Hall                                             Williams Student Health Center
(256) 782-5475                                                 (256) 782-5310

One may also call the University
Police Department and request that
an on-call counselor call them without
reporting details of any matter.                                         

2nd Chance
(256) 236-7233
(800) 650-6522
Office: (256) 236-7381

Northeast Alabama Regional Medical Center
Emergency Rooms in Anniston (400 East 10th Street) and Jacksonville (1701 Pelham Road South) have trained staff available 24 hours / 7 days a week.

NOTE: You may call University Police at (256) 782-5050 and request that a crisis counselor return the call. You will only be asked for a  contact number.

Non-Confidential Reporting Options
You are encouraged to speak to officials of the institution to make formal reports of incidents (i.e., President, Vice Presidents, Associate Vice Presidents, Deans, Judicial Coordinator, University Police, Athletic Director, Human Resources, Faculty and Staff).  The university considers these people to be “responsible employees.”  Notice to them is official notice to the institution.  You have the right and can expect to have incidents of sexual misconduct or gender-based discrimination to be taken seriously by the institution when formally reported, and to have those incidents promptly investigated and properly resolved through administrative procedures.  Formal reporting means that only people with a need to know will be told, and information will be shared only as necessary with investigators, witnesses, and the accused individual.

The University will not retaliate against you for reporting a Title IX violation or for participating in the Title IX grievance resolution process.

The official Title IX Coordinator for JSU is the Director, Diversity & Inclusion, 109 Bibb Graves Hall, 256.782.8565 or

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