Veteran Orientation

The Office of Veteran Services knows that starting college can be a stressful and sometimes frustrating process.  In order to help alleviate the stress and frustration of starting college, Veteran Services has developed an orientation for military-connected students that takes place within the Veterans Center.  Each Veteran Orientation takes place at the end of scheduled Transfer Student Orientations and covers the following topics:

  1. Applying for and using the GI Bill
  2. Paperwork needed to certify enrollment to the VA
  3. Other benefits or scholarships that students may qualify for
  4. Campus and Off Campus Resources
  5. Tour of the Veterans Center

The following are the dates and times for the Spring 2019 Transfer Student Orientations:

  1. Friday, December 7th - Theron Montgomery Building Auditorium
  2. Monday, January 7th - Theron Montgomery Building Auditorium

For more information about the Transfer Student Orientations, or to sign up for an upcoming Transfer Orientation, please contact the Dean of Students Office.  

For more information about the Veteran Orientations, please contact Veteran Services at (256) 782-8838 or