Continuing Education and Outreach

Continuing Education and Outreach

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We’re back - After weeks of working remotely, the CEO staff is returning to campus. Resumption of classes at McClellan will begin in late June, with off-site events being scheduled based on the availability of acceptable “safe” venues.  As we continue to prepare for the return of face-to-face courses, we will continue to make the well-being and safety of CEO students and employees our top priority. Effective June 1st, we are implementing ongoing measures to ensure our staff’s health and safety while maintaining the highest level of service to our clients. You will find our new course schedule under “Courses and Registration” and more on what we are doing to keep you safe below.

Get Mainstreet - Our latest edition is hot off the server. Inside, you can read about our new President, find out what we and our partners are doing to help area businesses reopen, and view up and coming classes. Beginning in November, we'll be giving away a free online course every other month. Find out how to register on page 44.

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We’re back - (continued)
To ensure a safe environment, we have modified classroom seating and placed sanitization stations throughout McClellan. Preferred access to classrooms and communal areas have been rerouted and clearly marked.  As an added measure, we have modified our custodial services to include the wipe down, and sanitation of all common touch surfaces before and after each class.

Safety is everyone’s responsibility. In accordance with CDC guidelines, students, staff members, and other individuals visiting the McClellan campus will be expected to take the following reasonable measures:

Continue physical distancing: Maintain a distance of at least 6 feet from others whenever possible.

Wear approved face coverings: Face masks should be worn in all communal areas where social distancing guidelines are difficult to maintain. These areas include restrooms, meeting rooms, classrooms, and other common areas. Masks should be non-offensive and meet current CDC standards.
Practice good hygiene: Wash your hands frequently with soap or alcohol-based sanitizer, especially after using the restroom or contacting any common-touch surfaces.

As we navigate these challenging times, we consider ourselves fortunate to be a part of such a resilient community. It is the power of this community that has allowed us to overcome obstacles, accomplish great things, and will propel us through this crisis to better times.